6 Year Anniversary Block

In this earlier post, I mentioned that I’m a member of Carol Doak’s Yahoo group. Her group recently had its 6th year online anniversary and Carol designed a fabulous block to celebrate the event!

I have a small piece of  cute butterfly fabric in my stash, and I really wanted to be creative and incorporate the little butterflies throughout the block. I may have been too eager with this block because I’m not entirely happy with it.

Here’s a pic of it (a little crooked since the wind kept blowing it around outside on my lawn):

6 Year Anniversary Block

I really love the purple and blue tones in this block. However, I think the butterflies are a little lost against the white fabric.

Here are my ideas for using this block:

1. turn it into a pillow

2. add more blocks to either side to create a table runner

3. make a small wallhanging

4. give it away

5. other?

What would you do with this block?

Happy sewing,


1 thought on “6 Year Anniversary Block

  1. This would make a beautiful bed pillow for a blue/white bedroom. Also, the idea of a table runner, again where blue/white fit, is great. I like the butterflies because they don’t dominate, they just pop up every once in a while. Sometimes I think we are too hard on ourselves.

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