Paper Piecing Tool Caddy

My sister’s birthday was this past week so I decided to make her a gift. Since we both enjoy paper piecing, I thought it would be fun to make her a tool caddy. This caddy is a great way to travel with your paper piecing tools to workshops, classes, and quilt cruises!! (Yes, we are already talking about doing another quilt cruise together in 2014!).

I used Carol Doak’s free Tool Caddy pattern which is available on her website. Since my sister’s nickname is related to birds, I decided to use bird themed fabric.

Here’s what the tool caddy looks like rolled up. Notice the cute little bird footprints on the fabric!

Tool Caddy Rolled Up

When you unroll the caddy, you’ll see a 9-patch star block on the top plus a lower sectioned portion for all your tools!

Tool Caddy Full View

My fabric selections include:

  • a blue/green batik for the border and center of the 9-patch star
  • a dark blue bird print and a light blue bird print for the star points
  • a white-on-white print featuring little birds and footprints for the background
  • the same blue bird footprint fabric as the backing
  • the ribbon is a medium blue color with a little green accent for fun

Here’s a picture of the caddy with a few paper piecing tools:

Tool Caddy with Tools

This little tool caddy comes together pretty quickly using fabric from your stash. Now that I’ve made one for my sister, I need to make one for myself!

Happy quilting!



2 thoughts on “Paper Piecing Tool Caddy

  1. Hi Val, thanks for your comment! Yes, all the fun Halloween blocks are part of a single pattern by Amy Bradley called Happy Halloween. I just finished a second row of the quilt and will be posting about it soon. Enjoy, Jennifer!

  2. I love this idea and need to make some for my quilting friends.
    Are you following a pattern for the Ghost and Witches quilt? It’s just adorable and I love your color choices. Nice to see your posts on Carol Doaks site. Thanks for sharing. Val MA/FL

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