Upper Butte Creek Falls – Experimenting with Photography

I’m taking a little deviation from quilts and other craft projects to talk a little bit about photography. My husband and I are very much amateurs, but have decided to learn more about our DSLR cameras and how to use the manual settings. We have a Canon Rebel XT and a Nikon D90 and have been taking the cameras outdoors over the past several weekends to practice. In particular, we’ve been practicing with waterfalls.

I wanted to take better waterfall shots where the water looks like “angel hair.” With my point-and-shoot camera, I can’t get this cool effect but knew we could do it with either the Rebel or the D90.

Here are a few untouched photos that we took this weekend of Upper Butte Creek Falls in the Santiam State Forest in Oregon.

So, what do you think of these early experimental shots? And how would you edit and/or enhance them in software?

Another question I have is on our Nikon D90. We only have the standard kit lens, but really want a better one for outdoor (read landscape) photography. What lens would you recommend?

I hope you enjoy viewing these photos!

I love your comments!

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