Old Truck Photographs and Pictorial Quilts

Last weekend, my family and I went for a nice, long hike. We did an 8-mile loop through old growth forest, went past silvery waterfalls, and even encountered old abandoned mines and equipment.

These old, rusty trucks caught my eye. They have such character, even sitting broken-down in the cool greens depths of an Oregon forest. What stories do they have to tell? I had an idea to take the photographs and, perhaps, turn them into a pictorial quilt someday.

This old truck appears to have a grin.

Grinning Old Truck

The red paint on this one contrasts so well with the surrounding green forest. The snow chains are still on the tires!

Old Red Truck

And here’s a row of tired old trucks, sagging into nature:

Row of Tired Old Trucks

Have you ever turned a photograph into a pictorial quilt? I’ve done it once before with a picture that I took of Delicate Arch in Arches National Park. It is a very individual and creative process, but I might one day help these old trucks find a new life in fabric.

Delicate Arch Pictorial Quilt


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