Winter Snowman Quilt

I had a very “sewful” New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day and was able to finish up some quilt tops. Woo hoo!

This Winter Snowman Quilt is one of those projects! I had started and completed the 4 inner shooting star blocks in December, but then set them aside to finish up Christmas gifts. I originally planned on making more of the shooting star blocks, but ran out of my white snowflake print fabric. I like the smaller sized quilt as I can use it as a winter decoration on a table top or a wall.

You can read about the shooting star block designed by Carol Doak in my post here. I encourage you to join Carol’s Yahoo group by clicking the link in the right sidebar of my blog. She has a valentine heart challenge going on right now so it’s a perfect way to start paper piecing!

Right now, I only have pics of the quilt top but hope to have it quilted and bound soon! All the fabric in my quilt top is from the Fresh Fallen Snow line by Maywood Studio. I have a quilt recipe following the pictures below.

Here’s a look at the finished quilt top inside my sewing room:

Winter Snowman Quilt - Inside

Winter Snowman Quilt – Inside

I took the quilt outside to try and get a better photo of it, but it was a bit breezy:

Winter Snowman Quilt - outside

Winter Snowman Quilt – outside

A close-up view of the shooting star blocks:

Shooting Star blocks

Shooting Star blocks

And finally a close-up view of the snowman border fabric. The snowmen are so cute and have little red birds sitting on their stick arms!

Snowman border

Snowman border

Quilt Recipe
If you’re interested in creating this cute Winter Snowman quilt, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Join Carol’s Yahoo Group to get the shooting star block.
  • Print out 16 of the 4″ shooting star paper piecing patterns.
  • Blue snowflake print fabric. Approx 2/3 yard.
  • White snowflake print fabric. Approx 1/2 yard.
  • Red accent fabric. Approx 1/3 yard.
  • Blue snowman print fabric. Approx 2 yards for both the outer border and backing.
  • Basic sewing and paper piecing supplies.

Here’s how to assemble the quilt:

  • Use a 1/4″ seam allowance. If you don’t already have basic paper piecing skills, then I recommend Carol’s excellent instructional DVD.
  • Cut out all the fabric pieces for the 16 shooting star blocks.
  • Sew the shooting star blocks.
  • Assemble each large block by sewing 4 individual shooting star blocks together. Make 4 large blocks.
  • Sew the 4 large blocks together to form the quilt center.
  • Cut 3.5-inch strips from the white snowflake fabric for the inner border and sew around the quilt center.
  • Cut 2-inch strips from the red accent fabric for the second border and sew to the quilt center.
  • Cut 5.5-inch strips from the blue snowman fabric for the outer border and sew to the quilt center.
  • Quilt as desired and bind.

My quilt top is approximately 35 inches by 35 inches. You can make your quilt smaller or larger by resizing the shooting star blocks.

Hope you enjoy this little winter project!

2 thoughts on “Winter Snowman Quilt

  1. Your quilt makes me smile. I belong to Carol’s group, but I haven’t dived in to paper piecing yet. I think it’s going to be one of my 2013 goals.

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