The Golden Ticket at the Portland Quilt Block Party!!

On Saturday, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a class at the Block Party in Portland sponsored Quiltmaker.

Just before lunch, the class attendees learned that a quilt made by one of the instructors, Peg Spradlin, would be given away in a treasure hunt! The winner had to find a special golden ticket hidden somewhere on the lower level of the host hotel. With that announcement, I felt determined to win!!

After lunch, I started searching around for the ticket along with a few other quilters. I checked quite a few places, but just couldn’t come up with the prize. Then, I noticed a guy standing near several hanging display quilts with a quirky smile. I thought that maybe the ticket was pinned to one of the quilts behind him and sprinted towards him. As I got closer, the light hit a piece of paper in his pocket and looked golden. I grabbed the paper and discovered that it was the ticket! I’m so glad that it was the golden ticket since I was rather cheeky just plucking something from a stranger’s shirt, and it could have turned out to be an embarrassing situation.

Here are some pics of the beautiful quilt that Peg made using green, yellow, and blue batiks:

In my next post, I plan to write about the fun class that I attended called Boxed In by Julie Herman. I really hope that the Quiltmaker Block Party returns to Portland next year because it was such a great event!


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