A Frostman and Santa Bottle Wraps

We’ve been experiencing colder than normal temps for the past week or so like much of the country. This morning while walking my son to school through a frozen fog wonderland, we noticed many beautiful ice formations by Jack Frost. However, we also came across a kid-made formation that we decided to call a “frostman” since it was made by scooping up the frozen fog ice crystals from the ground rather than snow.

He’s a tiny little frostman!

A little frostman!

A little frostman!

I’ve been working on some quick and easy quilty projects to give as Christmas gifts. I recently completed 3 Santa bottle wraps that will add a festive touch to a table setting or any holiday display. The pattern can be found in the book Cottage Charms by Art to Heart. These are Nancy Halvorsen designs so you may recognize her styling in the Santa faces.

Santa Bottle Wraps

Santa Bottle Wraps

Aren’t they cute?

I placed my Santa wraps onto clean, dry 2 liter Coca-Cola bottles. I added a cup or so of dried rice to the bottom of each bottle for a little balance. The mustache is tied around Santa’s head to anchor the wrap to the bottle. These Santas bottle wraps are a great way to use some of your holiday fabric stash and come together in about an hour or so, depending on how much extra detailing you want to add.

Hope you are staying warm!

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