A Quilty Holiday House and Cat Quilt-Along #3

Happy weekend everyone!

As everyone finishes up their last bit of holiday sewing, I thought you might enjoy this needlework and quilt store from my little Christmas village:

A Holiday Needlework and Quilt Shop

A Holiday Needlework and Quilt Shop

I’ve been keeping up with Elizabeth’s Catevent quilt-along featured on her blog, Oh Fransson!

This week I made the following cat blocks:

Cat Quilt-Along, Week 3

Cat Quilt-Along, Week 3

On the top row, from left to right are: Max, Amelia, Boogie, Victor, and Monica. The bottom cat is Violet. I haven’t made today’s cat block number 22, Maslow. I will make that block today! Then, we’ll be down to just 3 cat blocks left before joining them together.

For the first time, both of my indoor cat quilt inspectors decided to get a closer look at these intriguing cat blocks. Usually, they’ll inspect edges of blocks or perhaps even walk across the blocks, but this time, the inspectors decided to just hang out on the blocks for a while!

Quilt Inspector Duo

Quilt Inspector Duo

My sister is also following along with this quilt-along. She doesn’t have a blog, but did send me a phone picture of her blocks so far.

Scrappy Cat Quilt-Along

Scrappy Cat Quilt-Along

I love the scrappy look of her cat blocks! I’m thinking of making some themed variations of this quilt using Halloween fabrics, Christmas fabrics, and patriotic fabrics.


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