Row by Row Experience 2014!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Have you heard about the Row by Row Experience hosted by quilt shops nation wide? This event started on July 1st and runs through September 2nd. The idea is that each participating quilt shop will give you a free pattern for a quilt row. You can collect as many rows as you want to create your own unique quilt!

Read more about the shop hop and to find out what stores in your state are participating by clicking the button below.

Row by Row Experience

Row by Row Experience

If the button link does not work, here is the direct link to the Row by Row Experience.

In Oregon, there are over 40 shops participating. On my lunch break yesterday, I stopped in at the Pine Needle. I just love their wonderful pine tree row! You also have the option of purchasing a collective fabric plate designed by Zebra Patterns with a unique phrase for that particular quilt shop.

Here’s a look at the first row pattern that I picked up:

The Pine Needle Row

The Pine Needle Row

I did purchase the fabric plate as well. My idea is to use the fabric plates on the quilt back. Here’s a look:

Fabric Plate for the Pine Needle

Fabric Plate for the Pine Needle

If you are traveling this summer, this shop hop is a fun one to participate in because you do not need a shop hop passport and you do not need to purchase anything! You do need to collect the free row pattern in person so have fun hopping!


2 thoughts on “Row by Row Experience 2014!

  1. When I clicked on the Row by Row button I just got the image, but it did not connect to the event. Can you give the actual link please?

    Thanks, Amy

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