Supernova Friendship Block Swap Update + Broken Top Hike

Hi quilty friends,

Summer is quickly ending so I hope to have more time this fall and winter to catch up on my many projects in progress.

One project that I’m working on this year with a partner, Cindy, from What’s One More Project is the Friendship Supernova Block Exchange. You can read more about this unique swap in my first post here. In my first post, I have pictures of our month 1 blocks.

In this post, I’m happy to say that we have now swapped 2 more blocks (July and August) for a total of 6 blocks all together. We have 2 more months (September and October) for the blocks before we finish sewing our quilt tops together.

Here are the blocks that I made for July and August (1 to keep and 1 for my partner):

I took a picture of the first 6 blocks on my design wall in random order (3 made by me and 3 made by Cindy):

Supernova, First 6 blocks

Supernova, First 6 blocks

Isn’t it looking fabulous??!! I just love how this quilt is coming together so far.

For those of you who have visited or are familiar with the Sisters, Oregon area (home of the fabulous Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show), you might be familiar with one of the mountains called Broken Top. This mountain is next to the Three Sisters and is featured in many patterns, including the row-by-row pattern by the Stitchin’ Post this year. I used this row as the top row in my quilt here.

My family decided to squeeze in one last camping/hiking trip before school starts here next week. We camped near Broken Top and took a moderate to aggressive, 4-mile roundtrip hike to a beautiful glacier lake near the top of the mountain. The color of the lake water is amazing – a sort of blue/green/turquoise color and absolutely gorgeous!

The road to the trail head is very rough and not really suitable for passenger cars. You need a vehicle with higher clearance to navigate some sections. Broken Top itself is 9,177 feet. I’m not sure what the elevation is here at the lake, but I’d guess around 7,500 feet or so.

Unnamed Glacier Lake at Broken Top

Unnamed Glacier Lake at Broken Top

Another view looking back at the lake from farther up the trail:

View of Broken Top and Unnamed Glacier Lake

View of Broken Top and Unnamed Glacier Lake

If you turn from this viewpoint in the opposite direction, you are rewarded with a stunning, up-close view of the Three Sisters. Here’s my dog with his hiking boots to protect his paw pads:

Broken Top Hike with View of the Three Sisters (and Brutus the dog)

Broken Top Hike with View of the Three Sisters (and Brutus the dog)

My 9-year-old did great on this hike and had a great time. I think we wore out the dog because he slept for about 2 days straight after the hike! If you are ever in the central Oregon area, I’d highly recommend this hike for the impressive views.


4 thoughts on “Supernova Friendship Block Swap Update + Broken Top Hike

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  3. Beautiful quilts. I’ve only been to Oregon once and the scenery is beautiful. My second husband was from Oregon. His family had him cremated and supposedly his ashes are spread somewhere at the beach. Thanks for the great scenery and the quilt blocks are beautiful. I am starting to cut a Swoon quilt. I plan to make two – one for me and one for my brother and sister-in-law. I had to buy 1/2 cuts of the fabric. The cutting instructions are for fat quaters, so it’s easy to cut two blocks at once from the 1/2 yard. I feel as if the only real extra cutting is the background fabric. I just need to get busy. I only have the print of 1.5 blocks cut. I’ll make them separately as I had to buy the background fabric in two separate pieces and I’m sure they are from different bolts and I don’t want to risk mixing the background fabrics. I’m anal about things like that. Thanks for sharing all the beauty. I’m sure the pup was exhausted. I love the hiking boots. We had a life jacket for our extremely furry dog when we had a ski boat.

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