Aurifil BOM – November

Greetings from a very windy Pacific Northwest!

We’re having a bit of a wind storm here proceeding potential snow and ice tomorrow. Last night before bedtime, my hubby and I heard a loud crack and thud. As we dashed outside, we noticed a large tree branch had fallen across the street and landed on a neighbor’s vehicle. Scary! We decided to do an impromptu shoving aside of stuff in our garage to park the car inside overnight just in case another tree or limb decided to fall.

I’ve been following along with the Aurifil BOM starting in January this year. I finished November’s block called Tossed Salad and designed by Scott Hansen over at Blue Nickel Studios. This block came together really quickly, and I love the interesting design.

Tossed Salad Block designed by Scott Hansen

Tossed Salad Block designed by Scott Hansen

You can find the free pattern for this block on the Aurifil blog. This block is the 11th one in this year’s BOM so we only have one more block to go! I love this gray, white, black, and red palette. My gray is Kona Shadow.

Here are the 11 blocks together in random order:

Aurifil BOM - 11 Blocks

Aurifil BOM – 11 Blocks

I’m getting excited to reveal my block for Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, volume 10 issue. I hope you’ll join the blog hop starting next week on November 17th. I will have a post on November 17th to show a test quilt that I made, and then another post on November 18th to show my block plus a giveway.

Happy quilting and stay safe in this crazy early winter weather!

3 thoughts on “Aurifil BOM – November

  1. Your fabric choices are perfect for this quilt – love all your blocks!!! The winds in eastern Washington were horrible yesterday and the temperatures are quite chilly!! Hard to keep the house even marginally warm with the wind finding every crack to suck the heat out and replace it with shivery cold! Hope you had no more issues with branches falling and causing damage!

  2. I’m impressed that you’ve kept up. Your colors look wonderful together, because of excellent fabric design choices. I actually like your blocks together.

  3. Wow! your blocks are really fantastic. They look beautiful together. You are going to have a gorgeous quilt when it is finished.
    It is supposed to get really cold here where I live this weekend. I really dread it. I am not a fan of cold weather.

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