Halloween Witch Cat Quilted Wallhanging Surprise!

This past Saturday, while I was feeling a little under-the-weather from a cold, I trudged out to the mailbox. The sunshine and warm October weather perked me up a bit, but what I found inside really made me smile! My sister had made me a cute little Halloween quilted wall-hanging as a surprise and mailed it to me!

As her inspiration, she used a free cat-in-the-pumpkin pattern from Carol Doak. Then, she modified the cat so it now includes a body and a little witch’s hat. She added some yellow embroidery for the cat’s collar and the hat’s brim. The quilt is then accented with beautiful autumn colored borders and binding.

Isn’t this an adorable Halloween quilt? I’m going to display it all month long!

Halloween Witch Cat Quilted Wallhanging

It’s always great to get a surprise in the mail. What crafty item have you sent to a family member or friend?


2 thoughts on “Halloween Witch Cat Quilted Wallhanging Surprise!

  1. Wow! You must have a fantastic sister! In fact, she must be amazing to spend all that time and energy to make such an adorable quilt, and then gift it to you. The kitty is so cute.

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