Holiday Cold Process Soap Batch #1

I enjoy making cold process soap because it is a very creative process (much like quilting). I can control the additives including the fragrances and colorings. For the holiday, I’ve created a few batches of different soaps to give as gifts.

For this first batch, I used 2 different colors to swirl the tops. I used an ultramarine oxide for the purple color and some clay for the red color. I think the swirls are very pretty!

Plumeria Soap

Plumeria Soap

For the fragrance, I decided to go with one of my mom’s favorite ones – plumeria! It has a light, sweet scent that is not too overpowering and reminds you of gentle Hawaiian breezes.

Each batch of soap takes an hour or so to “cook” but then requires about 1 month to cure. The curing process really hardens the soap so that it will last much longer in the shower or bath.

Stay tuned for the second soap batch!

Happy soaping!

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