Holiday Cold Process Soap Batch #2 – Gingerbread Men!!

For my second batch of holiday soaps, I decided to use a fun gingerbread man mold. I started with a single batch of soap using a gingerbread fragrance – absolutely delicious! My house smells so good while these soaps are sitting on the rack to cure.

I went ahead and made a second batch using goat milk and a light honey and green tea fragrance. I did make a batch of these earlier and talked about them here, but needed a few more to fill out some baskets.

Gingerbread Holiday Soaps

Gingerbread Holiday Soaps

For the final touch, I added some sparkly ribbon to dress up the gingerbread men!

I think these soaps will add the perfect accent to my holiday soap baskets.


Holiday Cold Process Soap Batch #1

I enjoy making cold process soap because it is a very creative process (much like quilting). I can control the additives including the fragrances and colorings. For the holiday, I’ve created a few batches of different soaps to give as gifts.

For this first batch, I used 2 different colors to swirl the tops. I used an ultramarine oxide for the purple color and some clay for the red color. I think the swirls are very pretty!

Plumeria Soap

Plumeria Soap

For the fragrance, I decided to go with one of my mom’s favorite ones – plumeria! It has a light, sweet scent that is not too overpowering and reminds you of gentle Hawaiian breezes.

Each batch of soap takes an hour or so to “cook” but then requires about 1 month to cure. The curing process really hardens the soap so that it will last much longer in the shower or bath.

Stay tuned for the second soap batch!

Happy soaping!

Honey Goat Milk Soap

My aunt recently requested some more of my homemade goat’s milk soap. Goat milk is very nourishing for the skin and contains rich vitamins. Since this soap has a low pH level, it really helps protect dry skin. This soap is also great for sensitive skin or acne-prone skin.

I made a large batch of regular goat milk soap with a little added honey fragrance. The result is a slightly sweet and light soap!

Honey Goat Milk Bar Soap

I also created an extra batch using my gingerbread person mold for a fun holiday soap!

Gingerbread Man Shaped Goat Milk Soap

I will be placing just a few of each type – the bar and the gingerbread man – for sale in my Etsy shop today. These make great holiday gifts.


Red Ginger Soap

I made a batch of cold process soap for my mom recently, using a scent that she picked out called ‘red ginger.’ This fragrance is light, sweet, and fresh and just makes me smile!

I added a touch of Australian red clay to swirl onto the top section of the soap, and I think the red accent gives it a nice color contrast.

Red Ginger Cold Process Soap

I’m really delighted with how this soap turned out. I need to start working on creating some soap for Christmas gifts soon so the soap has time to cure. Cold process is really beneficial for your skin, and I encourage you to try some if you haven’t already. It has helped my sister tremendously with adult acne and has greatly reduced my dry, itchy, allergy-prone skin.

Happy soaping!

Lavender Mint Soap!

I blogged earlier about visiting some of Oregon’s wonderful lavender farms.

I made up a quick batch of cold process soap using some gorgeous dried lavender from the Lavender Thyme Herb Farm in Candy.

I used a very soothing blend of lavender and mint essential oils.  I can’t wait for this soap to cure for several more weeks before trying it out!

The sweet scent is just perfect and delightful for everyday use.

Lavender Mint Soap with local Oregon lavender buds

Summer Rose Soap

I recently made a batch of summer rose cold process soap. This soap is lightly scented and reminds me of taking an evening stroll in the summer through a rose garden.

Summer Rose Soaps

I decided to use some fun shapes for these soaps – a butterfly and 2 different flowers – and they look lovely in the guest bathroom. I added a tiny amount of red oxide to give the soaps a slight pink swirl throughout. I think they turned out rather well – what do you think?

Visiting Lavender Fields

Today, we went for a drive to visit some local area lavender fields. I wanted to get some dried lavender and some essential lavender oil to make some soap. I do sell my handmade cold process soap so if you’re interested in purchasing a bar or two, let me know!

First stop – Lavender Thyme Herb Farm in Canby.

We really enjoyed the gardens and lavender fields at this location. Ian loved all the butterflies, the walking path with the fun garden chairs, and walking over “Toe Biter Creek.” The lavender was beautiful! The fields were humming with many happy bees.

I purchased some dried lavender and enjoyed talking with the owner, Taffy. I plan to make up some lavender soaps and take them down to her to sell in her Potter’s Shed Shop.

Onwards to our second stop, Willakenzie Lavender Farm in Yamhill.

What another great location to visit! We were greeted by the friendly farm dog and one of the owners, Debbie, came over to say hi and introduce us to the farm.

With sweeping swatches of purple and views of the hills behind, this lavender farm has some great photo opportunities!

I purchased some lavender essential oil and enjoyed chatting with Debbie in her gift store. She has many wonderful lavender and alpaca items for sale here.

Speaking of alpacas, you can meet them at this farm while touring the gardens.

If you happen to be in Oregon in July, be sure to stop some lavender fields or, better yet, come out during the Lavender Festival. The year the dates are July 14-15.