A Sunflower Glass Tile

In early August, some co-workers and I went to a local glass studio for a team building event. Each attendee got to create their own 6-inch fused glass tile masterpiece!

At first, I wanted to make a quilt pattern, but it quickly became too difficult since I couldn’t cut the glass pieces to exact sizes like I can with fabric pieces. Instead, I decided to create one of my favorite flowers – the sunflower.

I got to pick up my finished piece this week. The finished project is completely smooth with a “sushi” dish like shape (meaning it curves up slightly on all sides). I plan to use it to hold notions in my sewing room.

The first picture shows me holding it up to catch the afternoon light shining through the glass. The second picture shows the dish inside on a kitchen counter. I think it’s really interesting how the yellow and orange “petal” glass pieces seem to change positions, depending on the lighting.

Here’s a look at the tile before it was fused. The colored glass pieces are positioned on top of a clear glass tile.

Pre-Fused Glass Tile

Pre-Fused Glass Tile

I think I’ll return to the glass studio in the future. I have some ideas for unique Christmas gifts!

Have you ever made a fused glass or blown glass piece?


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