Forest and Lake Art Quilt Flimsy Finished!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

For the past year, I’ve been steadily working on what I call an epic paper piecing project! It’s comprised of 2 art quilt-a-long projects designed by Janeen of Quilt Art Designs. The top section is the forest QAL and the bottom section is the lake QAL. Each section is broken down into 12-week chunks.

Here’s a look at the completed flimsy:

Forest and Lake QAL together!

Forest and Lake QAL together!

When I do foundation paper-piecing, I tend to keep the papers on for as long as possible for added stability. If the paper makes a seam too bulky, I will remove part of it. Otherwise, I wait until the project is completed, and then remove all the paper at once.

Here’s what the back of the quilt top looks like:

Paper backing on Forest and Lake QAL

Paper backing on Forest and Lake QAL

Now, that’s a bunch of paper to remove!! I did make one mistake on the forest portion so I had to make an adjustment not on the pattern, but I think it still turned out fine.

I’m not sure how to quilt this project. I’m going to take my take and do a bunch of custom quilting, I think. Once finished, I hope to display it in a couple of local quilt shows.



3 thoughts on “Forest and Lake Art Quilt Flimsy Finished!

  1. Absolutely fabulous! What a wonderful marrying of projects. You have a real winner in this one, and I’m so glad I get to see it.

  2. Is this QAL going to be available to customers? I love it and one of my goals this year is to do more paper piecing. Thanks, Sandi Duvall

  3. Oh my!!! Jennifer, this is epic, amazing and just breath-taking!!!! Imfollow Janeen’s blog too and have purchased the patern pieces. I am sufficiently kicking myself for not doing it as a QAL!!! So jealous of yours! Janeen is a creative genius and you did this pattern perfectly!!! Pat yourself on the back my dear!!!

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