Homemade Flower Boxes for Mother’s Day

Hi everyone,

If you celebrate Mother’s Day, I hope you had a good one over the weekend! We enjoyed the day at home with very warm temperatures, near 90 degrees.

My husband helped our 14-year-old design and build some little flower boxes that I could hang along the fence for my mother’s day gift. They created a plan to use some old fencing material that we had leftover after replacing our fence several summers ago.

Flower box plan

Next up, learning safety! Our son is getting some learning opportunities at home due to COVID-19 closing down the schools. He learned how to use the saw and some basic construction techniques.

Learning how to use the saw safely

He worked hard on this project all afternoon. Once he had cut all of the flower box shapes, he assembled the flower boxes with glues and nails. We let the wood glue dry, and then he treated the boxes with a sealant.

In total, he made me 4 little flower boxes! I planted different colored petunias in each one, and I know that they will bloom all summer, providing beautiful cascading color spots along my fence.

I’m so happy and fortunate that my two guys worked on this project for me. I will treasure these little flower boxes for years to come!



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