Doggie Poo Bag Holder Tutorial

This weekend while walking our dog, we discovered that our usual doggie poo poo bag holder was missing. In the past, I’ve tried the plastic ones that you can buy at the store, but they always break or I can’t get them open in certain weather conditions.

I decided to stitch up a little bag this weekend. It is the perfect size for a holding a roll of doggie poo bags plus some treats.

I used a cute dachshund dog print fabric for the main bag body and an Essex Yard Dyed Linen in Black for the trim. I used black 1/4″ cording that I had on hand and green Aurifil thread for a fun pop of color.

Here is what you’ll need:
(1) 9 x 6 inch piece of print fabric
(1) 9 x 3 inch piece of trim fabric
(1) 21-inch length of cording
Basic sewing supplies

Doggie Poo Bag Holder Supplies

Doggie Poo Bag Holder Supplies

Assembly instructions:
1. Sew the trim to the print, right sides together, along the top edge. Sew with 1/4″ seam allowance.
2. Press the seam towards the trim.
3. Add button holes or other sturdy stitching on the lower portion of the trim, about 1/2-inch away from the raw edge. Cut the button hole slot opening with scissors.

Trim Stitched Down to Print Fabric

Trim Stitched Down to Print Fabric

4. Fold the unit in half, right sides together, and stitch around 3 sides but leave the top edge open for turning inside out.
5. Keep the unit wrong sides out, but fold the trim down to the previous seam line to form the casing. Sew along the casing edge.
6. Turn the bag inside out so that the right side is facing out.
7. Press.
8. Insert the cording through the holes in the casing.
9. Optional. Tie the cord ends together after securing the doggie poo bag to a leash, backpack, or belt.
10. Add in your doggie poo bag roll and treats and take your pooch for a walk!

Doggie Poo Bag and Treat Holder

Doggie Poo Bag and Treat Holder

I use a carabiner type clip to attach my doggie poo bag holder to the leash handle. The doggie poo bag holder is removable so I can later tie it to a backpack or belt, if needed.

Doggie Poo Bag Holder Attached to Leash

Doggie Poo Bag Holder Attached to Leash

Ta da! You now have a fun little holder to carry a not-so-fun roll of doggie poo bags.


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