We Support You blog hop!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my blog where I’m happy to be participating in the We Support You blog hop to encourage, support, and inspire all those who have been touched by cancer, particularly breast cancer. My mother-in-law passed away several years ago from complications due to breast cancer so I definitely know this cancer touches so many lives.

Thanks to Madame Samm of Sew We Quilt for encouraging us to make something cheerful and beautiful in this hop using her pattern and to Pat, our wonderful cheerleader for this hop. You can purchase the “We Support You” friendship pattern for $12 from Madame Samm directly by emailing her at madamesamm@me.com.

I’ve been participating in quite a few Instagram mini swaps lately, and all the beautiful rainbow colored quilts inspired me in my project for this hop.

I started by selecting a text print for the block backgrounds. This text print has encouraging phrases such as “No regret” and “Dream big.” Next, I made 3 little bras in colorful print fabrics to applique to the text backgrounds. The bra straps and hangers are hand embroidered using DMC black embroidery floss.

Next, I pulled some Kona cotton solids in various rainbow hues to create the borders and bound the whole mini using black weave print. I used a Superior variegated thread to do the quilting, alternating wavy horizontal and vertical lines.

I had this really cute little wire heart hanger so I added a sleeve to the back for a perfectly finished little project!

We Support You Rainbow Mini Quilt (Outdoors)

We Support You Rainbow Mini Quilt (Outdoors)

I now have this little mini hanging in my sewing room, above a project table for inspiration.

We Support You Rainbow Mini Quilt (Indoors)

We Support You Rainbow Mini Quilt (Indoors)

Here’s a close-up photo of a block so you can see the text print background:

We Support You Close-Up

We Support You Close-Up

Please hop on over and visit the other ladies with projects today:

I hope my little mini quilt inspires you today! As a Gen-X’er, I encourage all my 30 and 40 something quilting buddies to get mammograms too!

Take care,

46 thoughts on “We Support You blog hop!

  1. Jennifer, I love your wall hanging. I love Kona solids and the bras are wonderful. I’m sorry for your loss. What a tribute to your mother-in-law Thank you for encouraging younger ladies to get mammograms. I mentioned in my blog that even though I am high risk for recurrence, my daughter’s (35) insurance will not cover a mammogram for her. I pray that those young ladies whose insurance will not cover it and financially or emotionally cannot handle a mammogram have great doctors who may be able to either detect it and/or fight with insurance companies to get the attention they need and desire. Thank you for participating and sharing your creativity and reminders for all women to care for themselves.

  2. That’s a really sweet wall hanging. I’m loving the brightly colored bras and the text fabric was perfect. Support the cause and the girls!

  3. Beautiful and bright! Your mini quilt is sew sweet, Jennifer. The text print is perfect and the rainbow colors stand out. I love the hanger … and all the little details. Thank you for sewing your support and joining in this hop … ❤ Pat

  4. Amazing work! I’ve heard of supporting bra’s, fitting bra’s, but never did I hear about inspirational bra’s! I am going to steal that one. What a great way to support. Thank you for sharing.

  5. This is wonderful! I love the text background and the Kona solids. And of course the bras themselves are darling. You made me smile! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your creation with us today.

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