Grand Illusion Double Diamonds

Hi everyone!

I’m participating in Bonnie Hunter’s newest mystery quilt, Grand Illusion. You can read about my broken dishes units for part one here.

For part two, we are making double diamond units using our pink, black, and neutral fabrics. I’m mostly using Moda Grunge fabrics for my project because I love the texture and dimension of the Grunges!

I’m making just 1/2 of the number of units for a smaller quilt. You can still join in and get the free instructions for a limited time on Bonnie’s blog. She will retire these instructions sometime next spring.

Here are my double diamond units, being inspected:

Grand Illusion Double Diamond Units

Grand Illusion Double Diamond Units

Since this quilt is a mystery, we don’t know how the individual units will be sewn together. So the layout in my photo is a complete guess.

Here are the double diamonds with the units from part one:

Grand Illusion, parts 1 and 2

Grand Illusion, parts 1 and 2

I’m really loving the boldness of these units so far! On Friday, Bonnie will reveal the part three clue and we’ll be off stitching for another week. Hopefully, the greens will be used in the next clue.

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5 thoughts on “Grand Illusion Double Diamonds

  1. It may be a complete guess, but if it’s wrong, I’d be tempted to use those colors in another quilt and make it just that way! Or even just do it that way in Bonnie’s quilt. I have a hard time following someone else’s vision. =)

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