A Finished Tula Pink Jelly Roll Rug!

Hi everyone,

In my post yesterday, I talked about making my first jelly roll rug using the HomeMade fabric line by Tula Pink.

I finished the rug over the weekend, and we had a little bit of sunshine yesterday so I could get some outdoor pictures at lunch.

I absolutely love how this rug turned out! I didn’t experience any waviness or warping that can happen with this rug. I think it may be because my Bernina sits in a cabinet so I have a large, flat surface to support the weight of the rug as I stitch the rope coil rows together. I stitched slowly and carefully, using my widest zigzag stitch with Aurifil 50 weight thread.

I didn’t do any regular pressing, except for pressing each of the beginning tight corners. Those early tight corners were the hardest part for me! I did get a slight bit of puckering, but the pattern did indicate to expect that to happen.

Here’s a look at the finished rug!


My completed Tula Pink jelly roll rug!

Of course, as I was taking this picture, my quilt inspector, Cow, came sauntering out from under a bush where he had been napping. He gave the rug a thorough cat scan!

Cow gives the jelly roll rug a cat scan!

I brought the rug back inside where my best girl, Pepper, sat on it. She is a 65-pound mixed shepherd breed dog for scale.

Pepper likes the rug!

I now have the rug in my quilting room. I need to clean up some of my sewing chaos before taking a picture!

I hope that you all have a great day!

Happy quilting,


2 thoughts on “A Finished Tula Pink Jelly Roll Rug!

  1. And the critters love it too! I call the a critter magnet. So beautiful, it will add a pop of color too. I have a large cabinet that supports mine too, but I actually think it is the size of the rug. Mine stays flat until about the last 5 rounds, where it gradually starts to get a slight wave and each one after that enhances it. I’m using a full jelly roll which makes a fairly good sized rug. Actually one rug stayed flat, only to discover that I had sewn the whole thing backwards! It had the double edge fold on the outside, so with the stitching on the edge, it stabilized the edge. That one I had to take apart and will be resewing it again, the right way!! But these are so much fun to make. I have mine in the kitchen, and the other three are for my daughter and two granddaughters.

    • Hi Lolita, thanks for your comment! I used a full jelly roll too so I’m glad that I didn’t get the slight wave. They are fun to make, and I will probably make several more.

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