A Little Flannel Critter

This past summer when my sister and I visited the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, we also took the opportunity to go quilt shop hopping in the area.

At one store, I picked up a copy of Countryside Softies by Amy Adams. This book contains patterns and instructions to make 28 little woodland creatures from wool.

This weekend, I decided to make one critter but I didn’t have much wool felt on hand. I substituted some flannel for the body instead since this first creature serves as my practice one. I had a scrap of wool felt for the little fish.

I made the otter, although it almost looks more like a bear to me. This little guy is about 6-inches tall and could be used as a pin cushion or just a fun decoration in the house.

I used quilting cotton for the accent pieces like the tummy and underside of the snout. I only had 1 variegated pearl cotton 8 in red on hand so I used that for all the hand-stitching. There are also buttons on the arms connecting the arms to the body that you can’t really see in these pictures.

Otter Softie Close-Up

Otter Softie

Ottie Softie and Book

I’m going to give this first little otter as a gift. I’m also going to look for some wool felt for future little woodland critters.

I had fun making this small project in between my larger, quilt projects. Sometimes it’s fun to mix it up!