Spooky Haunted House – Halloween Challenge

I enjoy creating projects using scrapbooking paper and embellishments. When I read that SVG Cuts is having a Halloween Challenge contest (grand prize being a new diecut machine!!), I thought I should give it a try!

I’ve posted my entry to SVG Cuts Facebook page. You can view the other entries and comment on them. They all look great so far!

For my project, I decided to make the haunted house from the Elmhurst Hollow SVG Kit. You can purchase this kit from the SVG Cuts website for $6.99. You will need to have one of the recommended cutting machines and software as posted on the FAQ page.

I’m so excited at how wonderful my Elmhurst haunted house looks now that it is completed. I’m now inspired to decorate for Halloween!

Here is the whole Spooky Haunted House with normal lighting:

You can see a slight glow from the flickering LED lights.

When the lights are out, you can really see the glow:

I added some fun embellishments to this project including ghosts, extra spiders, Halloween twine, glitter, spider webs, and a black cat. Don’t you just love the “BEWARE” sign across the front door? Too cute!


As I added these embellishments, my 7-year-old decided to help. He wanted to add his own special touch and came up with the idea of adding a yellow crescent moon with a flying bat. He cut the moon shape and colored it.

The backside of the haunted house faces a wall so it won’t be seen too often. However, Ian decided it needed a little yellow star with a pumpkin button that we made using my Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio Tool and a round #14 bubble cap. It turned out cute!

The whole project took me about 3 hours, but I did take my time choosing papers and embellishments from my stash.

Hope you enjoy this early taste of Halloween!


Hulk Birthday Card

My son was recently invited to a birthday party. Boys in his age group are over-the-moon for superheroes. I went to the store to find a suitable greeting card, but didn’t see a card that grabbed my attention. Plus, birthday cards are getting expensive at $3-$4 a piece.

I decided that I could put together a birthday card pretty quickly with supplies on hand. First decision – the design! The birthday kid will be receiving this awesome superhero toy:

Hulk Birthday Present

Why not make the birthday card match the gift? Now I’m not an artist, but I managed to free-hand draw some basic shapes using the picture on the toy as a guide. I ended up with these pieces:

Hulk Pieces

Next, I selected some cardstock from my stash and set out to trace the pieces and cut them out. I glued them together, added some ink detailing, added a Happy Birthday sign, and here you have the completed card:

Finished Hulk Birthday Card

Hopefully, the birthday boy will enjoy his one-of-a-kind card!

Happy paper crafting,