Hulk Birthday Card

My son was recently invited to a birthday party. Boys in his age group are over-the-moon for superheroes. I went to the store to find a suitable greeting card, but didn’t see a card that grabbed my attention. Plus, birthday cards are getting expensive at $3-$4 a piece.

I decided that I could put together a birthday card pretty quickly with supplies on hand. First decision – the design! The birthday kid will be receiving this awesome superhero toy:

Hulk Birthday Present

Why not make the birthday card match the gift? Now I’m not an artist, but I managed to free-hand draw some basic shapes using the picture on the toy as a guide. I ended up with these pieces:

Hulk Pieces

Next, I selected some cardstock from my stash and set out to trace the pieces and cut them out. I glued them together, added some ink detailing, added a Happy Birthday sign, and here you have the completed card:

Finished Hulk Birthday Card

Hopefully, the birthday boy will enjoy his one-of-a-kind card!

Happy paper crafting,