November Mystery BOM

I finished the November mystery block-of-the-month for Carol Doak’s Yahoo group. You can read about my earlier BOMs here.

This month’s block came together pretty well for me, and I really like the star pattern in the middle of the block.

During my lunch break, there were a few small rays of sunshine poking through, so I decided to take a picture of the block outside.

Here’s a closeup:

November Mystery BOM

As I was placing the block for a photo, my Cow cat decided to help!

Here he is enjoying the sun:

Cow Cat Helps with November BOM

He then decided that my toes needed to be attacked!!

Cow Cat Grabs My Foot!

I will say that my cat quilting supervisors certainly keep me on my toes!


Skeleton, Monster, Mrs. Monster, and Pumpkin Head Halloween Quilt Blocks!

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been feverishly trying to finish a quilt for this Halloween. But not just any Halloween quilt! No, I’m using Amy Bradley’s “Happy Halloween” pattern with plenty of whimsical characters!

My earlier posts are here and here and here.

Well, I have completed the 2nd row of characters – Skeleton, Monster, Mrs. Monster, and Pumpkin Head! Yea me!! Keep in mind that these characters will have button eyes and extra little embellishments after quilting is completed.

Here is Mr. Skeleton with his jaunty hat and fun skeleton-print fabric:

I had to take a photo of Monster and Mrs. Monster together. Naturally, my quilting cat helped me!
Don’t you just love Mrs. Monster’s white hair streak?

Monster and Mrs. Monster Halloween Blocks

Mr. Pumpkin Head came out rather adorable with his goofy grin and little vine on the top of his head:

The four blocks together with my quilting kitty supervising the layout:

Happy Halloween Quilt – 2nd Character Row

I’m now starting to work on the final row of Halloween characters. I really hope to be able to finish them this weekend and maybe even get to quilt it the following weekend!

I can’t resist one close-up photo of my great quilting cat:

Tiger, the quilting cat

Enjoy all your Halloween projects!