Completed Happy Halloween Quilt!

I added the finishing touches to my Happy Halloween quilt this week. This quilt is designed by Amy Bradley and you can read about my progress in earlier posts here.

I hand-stitched the binding to the quilt back over several evenings this week (while watching movies with the family). Once the binding was completed, I then hand-stitched on the button eyes for each character. I still need to create a quilt label and add it to the quilt back.

Here’s a photo of the completed quilt:

Completed Happy Halloween Quilt

And, of course, another photo with my outdoor “quilting” cat. He likes to supervise any and all outdoor projects, including the photographing of said projects. In this photo, he had just given his sniff of approval to the quilt!

Cat Approved Halloween Quilt

I hope you’ve enjoyed following my progress on this quilt! I’ve also been working on a Christmas block-of-the-month project from a different designer. I will soon post about that project as it’s nearly complete, but it will be really close if I finish it by this Christmas.


Werewolf, Death, Mummy, and Cat Halloween Quilt Blocks – the Final Row!

Yippee – I recently completed the final row in my “Happy Halloween” quilt designed by Amy Bradley. This final row features 4 adorable little critters! They are without their eye buttons for now, but I hope to be able to get the whole thing quilted this weekend.

Go to this post for earlier pictures and details about this fun project.

Here’s Mr. Werewolf and Mr. Death’s up close photo:

Werewolf and Death Close-Ups

And the Mummy and Cat close-up photo. The black line detail on the mummy are actual stitching lines over a piece of white fabric!

Mummy and Cat Close-Up

Now that I have all the Halloween critters assembled, I sewed them together into one large rectangle with a “Happy Halloween” row separating the 1st character row from the 2nd character row.

Here is the quilt top before I added the borders. There will be a small black and white inner border and then a larger purple polka-dotted outer border.

Happy Halloween Quilt Before Borders

I will post again showing what the finished project looks like with the borders, quilting, binding, eyes, and other finishing details. This has been such a fun project for me and a great way to use up some of my Halloween fabric stash. All the different colors that you see in the various critters are little individual pieces of fabric appliqued onto a background block.


Skeleton, Monster, Mrs. Monster, and Pumpkin Head Halloween Quilt Blocks!

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been feverishly trying to finish a quilt for this Halloween. But not just any Halloween quilt! No, I’m using Amy Bradley’s “Happy Halloween” pattern with plenty of whimsical characters!

My earlier posts are here and here and here.

Well, I have completed the 2nd row of characters – Skeleton, Monster, Mrs. Monster, and Pumpkin Head! Yea me!! Keep in mind that these characters will have button eyes and extra little embellishments after quilting is completed.

Here is Mr. Skeleton with his jaunty hat and fun skeleton-print fabric:

I had to take a photo of Monster and Mrs. Monster together. Naturally, my quilting cat helped me!
Don’t you just love Mrs. Monster’s white hair streak?

Monster and Mrs. Monster Halloween Blocks

Mr. Pumpkin Head came out rather adorable with his goofy grin and little vine on the top of his head:

The four blocks together with my quilting kitty supervising the layout:

Happy Halloween Quilt – 2nd Character Row

I’m now starting to work on the final row of Halloween characters. I really hope to be able to finish them this weekend and maybe even get to quilt it the following weekend!

I can’t resist one close-up photo of my great quilting cat:

Tiger, the quilting cat

Enjoy all your Halloween projects!

Ghost and Witch Halloween Blocks, plus completed first row!

In several of my earlier blog posts, I mentioned that I’m working on a fun applique quilt by Amy Bradley for Halloween. The quilt has different famous characters featured on each block.

I’ve completed the ghost and witch blocks! I’m having so much fun with this quilt because each block is so unique.

Here’s the ghost block. He has the cutest nose!

Ghost Halloween Block

And here is the witch block. Don’t you just love her hair? I also couldn’t resist fussy cutting fabric for her hat band so she could have several black cats.

Now that I have the first four blocks appliqued, I decided to add the borders and cornerstones before tacking the second set of blocks.

Here’s the completed first row with just the inner borders and cornerstones. There will be outer borders once all the blocks are completed.

Top Row of Halloween Applique Quilt

You may be wondering – what happened to their eyes? Yikes! Don’t worry – the eyes were only placed temporarily for photos. I’ll add the eyes and other embellishments once the quilting is complete.

Hope you enjoy!


Halloween Dracula Vampire Block

In my continuing quest to finish a Halloween quilt, I have finished a second block from Amy Bradley’s Happy Halloween pattern.

See my Bat block post to see the first one that I created a couple of weeks ago.

Presenting a very cute and fun looking vampire for a change! Nothing scary or creepy about this Dracula:

Vampire Block – Happy Halloween Quilt

I used a purple print with satiny dots for his collar to give him a bit of sophistication. I think he looks really charming with his muppet-like nose and little pointy teeth. The button eyes won’t be sewed down until I’ve finished the quilt.

Hope you enjoy and happy sewing!



Halloween Bat Block

In my last post, I talked about my ever increasing stash of Halloween fabric.

One of my favorite applique designers, Amy Bradley, has an adorable ‘Happy Halloween‘ pattern set. I decided that these patterns would be a perfect application for my stash! I purchased the pattern and it arrived a few months back (whoa, how time flies!).

I selected the Bat Block as my first one to do this week. The eyes are only on the block temporarily. I’ll add them later once I have the whole project quilted.

What a cute bat!

Happy Halloween Bat Block

I have 1 out of 12 blocks finished. Who knows if I can finish it for this Halloween or perhaps for next year?

Happy crafting!



Halloween Fabric Stash

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love the traditions and fun associated with kids trick-or-treating and the crispness of the autumn air. I love carved pumpkins sitting on porches and the colored leaves as they blow across lawns.

I really love Halloween fabrics. There are so many cute designs that I just cannot resist adding a fat quarter here and a 1/2 yard there to my stash.

I looked at my Halloween stash recently and decided it was overflowing, and I need to pick a project already!

Part of My Halloween Fabric Stash

Hmmm, are you wondering what I’ll pick? It is a delightful pattern full of whimsy and mischief from one of my favorite designers. I’ve been working on the first block this week and will post a picture of it when I’ve completed it.

Here’s a hint . . . it’s the same designer who created this crazy cat quilt pattern set that I did a few years ago and is now hanging in my sewing room.

Happy guessing!