Tula Pink’s 100 Modern Quilt Blocks Project, Part 2

Hi everyone,

If you celebrate Easter, I hope that you had a great day yesterday even if it wasn’t your usual celebration with social distancing practices in place. We had beautiful weather and enjoyed being together and taking the dog for a long walk.

Last week, I blogged about one of my works-in-progress (WIP) started back in 2018.

Today, I’m going to show you my completed Tula Pink 100 modern quilt block finished quilt flimsy! If you haven’t heard of the term “flimsy” before, it is just the completed quilt top before quilting. I pieced the entire quilt using Aurifil 50 weight thread in white.

I added the white block frames to all 100 of my blocks, and then I added the sashing (Kona cotton in Lighthouse) to each row individually. I pieced together the top 5 rows separately from the bottom 5 rows, just so that I didn’t get confused and to help keep the weight of the quilt top less.

When I had the top 5 rows and the bottom 5 rows pieced, I was ready to join them together.

Here’s a look at the two last chunks of the quilt on the floor of my quilting room:

The top 5 rows and the bottom 5 rows, ready to be stitched together

This quilt flimsy is pretty large so I couldn’t get a good picture of it indoors. My husband and I each stood on a chair to hold up the quilt flimsy, and our teen son took the photo in the field behind our house.

Completed Tula Pink 100 Modern Quilt Blocks Quilt Top

It was a very windy afternoon and so we had to take multiple pictures and wait a bit for the breeze to subside. I do think the quilt looks pretty, fluttering in the wind!

Tula Pink’s 100 Modern Quilt Block Quilt Top, fluttering in the wind!

Of course, one of my quilt inspectors strolled by to supervise the photo session. My cat, Cow, is just off to the side of the quilt, rolling in the dirt. He is loving this sunny weather!

Cow, the quilt inspector, loves to roll in the field dirt!

Next, I need to decide how to do the quilting. I want the focus of the quilt to be the beautiful blocks so I’ll likely do just an all-over swirly pattern. I don’t want custom or heavy quilting to distract from the blocks.

I hope to get this quilting and bound by July.

Happy quilting!


Cow Cat, Another Quilted Portrait

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my family traveled to visit with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. We had such a great family time and enjoyed yummy homemade apple and huckleberry pies!

In August, my sister and I worked on making quilted fabric portraits of two of my cats – Tiger and Cow. I finished the Tiger Quilted Cat portrait (and mascot of my blog!) earlier and you can read about it here.

My sister finished up the quilted Cow cat and gave it to me over Thanksgiving. There was just one teensy, weensy detail that I added – Cow’s whiskers. He’s a cat who is very proud of his long, white whiskers so I just used plain white thread and a basic straight stitch to add them to the portrait.

Here is the inspiration photo that I took of Cow this past March:

Cow cat

Cow cat

Here is the finished quilted Cow cat wall-hanging:

Quilted Cow Cat

Quilted Cow Cat

And a close-up of his face:

Cow Cat Face Close-Up

Cow Cat Face Close-Up

Isn’t he a handsome fellow? He usually “helps” me take outdoor photos of my quilty projects. Today, I think he was off enjoying the sunshine before the next rain (or snow) shower appears.

Thanks to my sister for this beautiful project. I have the perfect place to hang it!

Hope you enjoy the second quilted cat!