Tula Pink Postcard Swap

Hello everyone!

Recently, I participated in a Tula Pink themed postcard swap. The only restriction was that we could only use Tula Pink fabrics. We could use any fabric technique to make the card.

Postcard swaps are really fun to join because they are such quick and easy projects, and you don’t have a long turn around time like you do with a mini quilt swap.

I decided to make a Tabby Road themed postcard for my secret partner, using a mix of foundation paper piecing, traditional piecing, and applique.

I made the kitty applique using 2 pieces of Tabby Road in different colorways and sewing them together. It was a technique that I wanted to try, and I think it added some pizazz to the postcard.

Under the striped fabric in the background, I did stitch in a piece of the selvage from Tabby Road, fluffiness included!

I made a little quilt sandwich, using the postcard top and a stabilizer in the middle. I quilted around the kitty and in the background before attaching the backing.

I used a satin-stitch to go around the postcard two times to secure it completely to the inner stabilizer as well as the light-colored fabric on the back. You can learn more about my postcard technique by reading my free Fabric Postcard Tutorial.

The Tabby Road postcard that I made for my partner!

In return, I received a wonderful EPP postcard from Maureen (@sewhappyquilting), filled with a rainbow of Tula Pink fabrics. These hexies are tiny, just 1/2 inches! I really love it.

The postcard I received! So beautiful!

Maureen mailed this postcard as-is with a stamp on the back through the USPS, and it arrived just fine. If this method makes you nervous, you can always send your postcard in an envelope. It may cost an extra stamp, but it will also be less likely to get damaged.

These bright postcards are a sure way to brighten up someone’s day. I think I’ll make a few more to mail out as random surprises! I’m also thinking of hosting a fabric postcard swap sometime this year?? Would you be interested??

Happy quilting!


Make a Wish Postcards for SOQS + A Fabulous Coupon for Cricut Maker Machine

Hi everyone!

Today, I’m excited to share with you the 2 postcards that I made for the Make a Wish Postcard challenge for the 2020 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, now a re-imagined as a virtual show. I’m also very happy to share a special price and some coupon codes for the Cricut Maker machine, which you can use with fabric!

The Cricuit Maker machine normally retails for $329-$369, depending on options. However, this weekend through May 31st, you can get one for $299! You can also use the coupon code, JUNSHIP, to get free shipping through June. If you already have a Cricuit machine, you can get 40% off all materials through June 2nd. If you purchase using one of my links, I’ll receive a small commission, which I use to offset the cost of fees for running this blog.

Are you ready to see my 2020 SOQS postcards? I support the show every year by making at least one postcard using the challenge fabric.

This year, the challenge fabric was from Elizabeth Hartman.

Challenge fabric for Wish Upon a Card 2020

For my first card, I used the Flame fabric by incorporating it into bird legs and the Meringue fabric by turning it into a bird’s eye. The remaining solid fabrics are by Cherrywood. I added hand embroidery elements, and added rose gold wire detail to the bird’s head. I called this postcard, “Tall Bird.”

“Tall Bird” Postcard for 2020 Wish Upon a Card

For my second card, I decided to make an alpaca based on a photo that I took at last year’s quilt show while staying at the Sisters Best Western. The hotel replaced their llama herd with some young alpacas. One alpaca, in particular, gave me a charming side grin that I wanted to capture.

Designing an Alpaca Postcard

I started the process by printing 2 versions of my photo: a close-up and a full body. I traced the close-up of the alpaca face onto paper to make my pattern. I used a light table and created reverse applique pattern pieces.

The background of the card is from 3 different green batik prints, pieced together. The alpaca body is made from wool felt with machine and hand embroidered details. I used the Meringue challenge fabric as flowers in the background, along with some orange embroidered flowers.

I called this card, “Happy Alpaca!”

“Happy Alpaca” Postcard for the 2020 Wish Upon a Card challenge

Although neither of my cards won a prize in the challenge, they will both be available for sale during the 2020 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show virtual event. I’m not sure if they were selected for framing or matting, so I’ll find out along with you! I may even bid on my open cards, lol.

I really enjoy supporting the show by making these cards, and I purchase cards each year.

Postcards for the 2020 Wish Upon a Card Challenge

Did you make a challenge card this year? I’d love to see it!

Happy quilting!


Fabric Postcards for Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show occurs on the 2nd Saturday in July each summer in the beautiful high-desert town of Sisters, Oregon. I try to attend every couple of years since the drive over is very pretty from the Portland area.

The show is having a fabric postcard contest called “Wish Upon a Card.” The postcards will be sold via silent auction and proceeds benefit local cancer patients. I decided to enter some cards and finished them up several weekends ago. Participants are required to use a 4-inch by 6-inch size for each postcard and must use Michael Miller’s Tiki Winki fabric to be eligible for prizes. Any postcards that do not use the fabric can still be sold for the charity, but they won’t be entered into the prize bucket.

Here are the 2 Michael Miller Tiki Winki colorways:

Michael Miller Tiki Winki Fabric

Michael Miller Tiki Winki Fabric

Both colorways are fun so I decided to use both! I used the brown/black colorway to make 2 postcards. For the first postcard, I wanted to use a Hawaiian beach theme. I found some great fabrics in my stash to complement the tikis so I could build a little coconut tiki hut on a beach. The surprise bonus is the little koa wood turtle coming up to the beach from the ocean.

Tiki Hut Tropical Beach Postcard

Tiki Hut Tropical Beach Postcard

For the second card using the brown/black colorway, I decided to go “out of this world” by creating a tiki bar stop in space for a little alien! The alien’s spaceship has 5 hotfix crystals to add a little bling.

Space Tiki Ba

Space Tiki Ba

My final postcard uses the pink/blue colorway. After recently seeing the movie Hop with my 7-year-old, I thought a bunny on Easter Island would be the perfect use of the tiki heads!

Easter Island Postcard

Easter Island Postcard

These fabric postcards are fun and quick to make. I will make some more in the future to send to friends and family, although I’ll probably send them in a protective mailer so that they do not get damaged in transit.

If you’re traveling to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show this summer, do stop by the fabric postcard silent auction. Maybe I’ll see you there!